Ropes Challenge Course and Zipline

Composed of four high ropes challenges, the Odyssey course is sure to present an exciting challenge to participants of all ages. As climbers navigate their way through bridges, ropes, and tunnels on this two-hour guided tour, they will learn the basics of climbing while experiencing the beautiful grounds of the Hotel Hershey. After successfully navigating the rope obstacles, participants will ride a 100-foot self-descending zip line to the finish!

$69 per person for a 2 hour experience.

*Due to safety reasons this tour is weather permitting. 

Segway Tours

The adventure begins with a complete safety briefing and introduction to your Segway Experience. Before you know it, you will be gliding along secluded wooded paths, enjoying beautiful vistas and serene nature. With a breeze in your face and the smell of chocolate in the air, this tour is a unique way to experience the Historic Hotel Hershey. This tour begins with the history of Milton Hershey before it continues off-road. It’s the perfect combination of history and fun!

$85 per person for a 2.5 hour History and Off-Road Combination Tour, $75 per person for a 2 hour History Only Tour. Must be at least 14 years old.

*Due to safety reasons this tour is weather permitting. 

Trail Geocaching

Explore the trails of the Hotel Hershey with a modern twist! Using a Global Positioning System, participants will venture across property searching for hidden treasure. Supplied with a backpack and a GPS unit, experience the natural beauty of the grounds first-hand. Perfect for groups or individuals looking for a challenge, this adventure is sure to delight participants of all ages. *Prize if all tokens are collected.

$55 per team of 4 people, available daily


Test your aim in one of our instructional trapshooting clinics! Provided with all the necessary supplies and either 12 or 20 gauge shotguns, guests will learn the basics of gun safety and trapshooting from our experienced guides. Whether a beginner or an experienced shooter, our trapshooting clinic is sure to reward participants of all kinds.

$79 per person for the first round and $45 per person for each additional round, available daily. Closed on Tuesdays. Must be at least 12 years old. Only available by phone reservation.

*Must be a group of 5 people minimum if your group is less than 5 people, you must pay for the empty spots first round price.

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